Posted on 27-04-2010
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I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything like the whirlwind of activity on the net these days about the arrival of the Behike.  It seems that every cigar site has something to say about it from the price, to the taste, to the whining of those that say because of the price they will probably never smoke one.  To those people I say, life is short, spend the money on a stick and pretend that you’re alive for a moment or two!!!

I’m not a wealthy individual but I want to experience as much as possible on this planet and I want to taste the finest cigars, sample the finest wine and see if I can get my sorry butt on the most exclusive golf courses on the planet before my heart finally blows up as I’m walking to the store one day!

The prices for the Behike in Canada will be through the roof but we have to get used to that fact and live with it.  The one good thing is that we live in a country where the cigars are actually AVAILABLE to us.. That in itself is something to celebrate!! So for the time being, I’m going to continue to wait for that glorious day ( you know what I’m talking about), keep reading what others have to say and work on my short game!!

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