Posted on 01-05-2010
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I feel very lucky to live in a country where Cuban cigars are available to us.  They are sold in convenience stores, golf courses, smoke shops and very well stocked cigar specialty stores in every city in our country.   Now and then I have friends who come back from trips to Mexico or even Cuba and they’ll drop off a few cigars at our house and more often than not they end up being counterfeits.  I’ve smoked more Cohiba counterfeits than I wish to talk about but I always tell these people that I’m very thankful for their donation to my habit.

As years go by I get better and better at spotting a fake by either looking at the band, the box they come in or the construction of these pathetic examples.  Each time you light up a fake you’ll kind of get the same mild tobacco taste that never changes as the cigar burns down.  It is very boring and if you’re lucky the cigar will actually stay lit as you smoke it, probably not though.  You’ll be reaching for your butane lighter every few minutes to touch up an uneven burn and it doesn’t compare, at all, to the real thing.

Cohiba cigars are a miracle of construction, taste and tobacco evolution as the cigar moves from third to third.  You’ll be dazzled with a symphony of flavors from pepper, grass, vanilla, coffee and chocolate each and every time.  We have beautiful cities with fabulous views.  We have some of the friendliest people you’ll meet anywhere and, yes, we have Cohiba cigars for you to sample!

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