Posted on 18-05-2010
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Well, I guess I’ve heard it all.  I’ve just returned home, this morning, from the corner store where I usually pick up cream for my morning coffee and I met a woman who said one of the most unbelievable statements I’ve ever heard.

It all started off with me commenting to the sales clerk about a certain crack smoker who was pan-handling out front and the clerk told me that, as far as pan-handlers go, the guy out front was one of the better ones that spend time there.  It all went wrong when I commented, “Oh well, I guess we’ll let him live another day!”  That’s when a well dressed woman standing behind me piped up and asked me if I feel we should kill homeless people………. Here we go……..

I live in a neighborhood where we have a lot of homeless pushing shopping carts around.  They check out our garbage cans and re-cycle bins as they look for bottles and cans to sell to the bottle depot we have on our street.  I don’t really mind that but it’s when they start sneaking around our yards, looking for stuff to steal.  We have to be quite vigilant and a lot of us in the neighborhood watch out for each other whenever that kind of behavior takes place.

So anyway this woman gets in my face and says that she has a history in law and social services and I felt that this was ramping up to be a heated discussion.  I told her of the situation we neighbors face and it didn’t take long for me to disarm her.  I asked her about herself and how long she has lived in Vancouver and then the answers I started getting were becoming very questionable, to me anyway.  Although she had credentials for miles she told me that she was unemployed and hadn’t worked for 2 years.  I told her that I thought that since she was smart enough to get a law degree she was more than smart enough to get a job… That was when she said it……… I couldn’t believe what I heard her say……

“Some people are too smart to get a job!”

I walked away…………..

I went home, poured myself a cup of coffee, went to the humidor and chose a Cohiba Siglo II and went out on to the deck.  The more I thought about this conversation the more I wanted to go back, track her down, buy her a one way Greyhound ticket to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, but the cigar played it’s magic on me and I felt that I had to let it go……….. Ya gotta move on.

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