Posted on 21-05-2010
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Last night at around 11:00 I found myself on the Trans-Canada Highway an hour out of Vancouver and the gauge on the dash told me that I needed gas.  I took the next off-ramp and pulled into a Chevron station and decided to fill’er up since fule outside of town is a bit cheaper than in town.  Don’t get me going about the taxes we pay in our fair city, gas, cigars or otherwise.

I have this little trick I use whenever I’mat a gas station with a lit cigar.  Instead of leaving the cigar burn inside the car I usually wedge it snugly into the arm of the windshield wiper… Lots of fresh air and a very minute exposure to gas fumes.  I’m not crazy, I’m NOT putting a cigar out while I fill up.. There’s always ways around a tricky situation. Since it was later on in the night I wasn’t in the mood for coffee and so I decided to pick up a hot chocolate with a small amount of vanilla flavored cream for a pairing with my Siglo IV. After driving out of the gas station I had to laugh at myself with my choice of beverage with my Cohiba but hey, a guy’s gotta be open minded.

I had about an hour to drive and that was the time left on the shelf life of the cigar so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  To be honest I was getting more and more impressed with how the chocolate and coffee notes in the cigar went with the hot chocolate and it got better and better as the cigar burned into the final third.  When I finally drove into the driveway at home I had only about 3/4 of an inch of a cigar left and the drink was gone.. All worked out well and I can’t wait to try the pairing again on my next late night drive in the dark.

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