Posted on 22-05-2010
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I mentioned I had an uncle that was a cigar smoker and that I saw him recently but the one thing I didn’t mention was that as I was looking through his humidors, when I saw him last, he proudly reached up and in the topmost shelf he had an old box of Lanceros that he wanted to show me.

I remember he went to Cuba for the first time back in the 80′s and brought a few of us a few cigars to try.  He went with his whole family and assigned everyone in his party their allotment of Cubans when they got back to the Canadian customs.  I’m not sure but I think he had 400 or so cigars and as soon as he got home, he went to work on building his own 6′ tall humidor.  Through the years, whenever we go to see him, he always pulls out something from that trip and we get to smoke a wonderfully aged Cuban but he’s been holding out on these Lanceros.

When I saw them a few weeks back they looked like they were in perfect condition ( his humidor is always at 71) and I believe that as time goes on he’ll probably part with one or two…. At least I hope so…..

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