Posted on 23-05-2010
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The more I smoke cigars in public, the more I run into people who are curious and interested in trying them..  Not sure why, but these days as I sit in smoking sections of bars ( Patios to be exact ) instead of people telling me that they find cigars offensive I keep hearing how much they like the smell.  I guess that’s not hard for cigar smokers to understand but I keep waiting for someone to tell me that I should butt out my cigar because it’s ruining everyone’s fun. I guess I shouldn’t think that that day will NOT come, there are still a lot of pain in the butt types out there that want to rain on our parades, but these days I’ve been seeing the opposite.

As the heading says, “Pass the Cohiba Around”… Well, unless you really want to start sharing body fluids with people, I’d suggest giving your friends and even strangers slightly cheaper offerings in the form of Guantanameras or something of that price ….But….. If you have a really good friend, why not offer him or her a Cohiba on a special occasion..

Take the time to walk them through the process and experience of smoking a Cigar.  Tell them about the fact that we’re looking at a hand made product that a lot of people have worked on and devoted their lives to perfecting.  Also tell them to take their time when they smoke it, keep the ash on as long as possible and never, I repeat NEVER, butt a cigar out.  I think it is a disrespectful act to the people of Cuba, like the saying says, let it die with dignity !!!

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