Posted on 27-05-2010
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I have to admit that when this series came out I found the cigars to be a bit less than what I was expecting.  Yes we’re looking at tobacco that is aged for 5 years and beautiful maduro wrappers but, at the time, I was in love ( still am ) with the older cigars from Cohiba.  I have a difficult time finding cigars that I like as much as the Esplendidos or the Robustos from Cohiba.  I guess there’s something about the grassy spicy flavor of the robusto or the smooth chocolate and coffee flavors that come out in the Esplendidos.

Last night I tried the Genios from Cohiba and maybe the fact that this was a slightly older cigar or maybe my palate was ready for the experience, I’m not sure which, but I was met with a different taste altogether.  At 5 1/2 ” X 52, this isn’t a wimpy cigar.  Just the opposite, you get a bigger gauge and enough length to keep the smoke mellow and smooth.

This was a bit more of a complex smoke than I remembered, all the flavors building slightly but consistently till I set it down.  After I was done I tried to go over my “cigar notes” and try to see what all I saw the first time but this was a cigar I didn’t write about  in enough detail.  I’m thinking that it simply could have been my mood last night which tells me that every day is different!!

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