Posted on 01-06-2010
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I spent the weekend in Merritt, British Columbia and checked out their new golf course, “Sagebrush”.  Wow, what a great course for many many reasons.  This was an undertaking designed by Richard Zokol, Rod Whitman and Armen Suny and their approach was to design a minimalist playing experience all taking place on the side of a hill.  Well, there were many hills if you want to know the truth

The day started out with our group listening to one of the course managers explain the tournament to us and how we should approach our golf day.  He warned us about the incredibly treacherous greens, which were very very large, closely trimmed and undulating.  I had never golfed on larger greens in my life but at the same time I don’t believe I have ever putted on more dangerous surfaces.

I took along my usual Cohiba Siglo I’s and there were a few holes where the wind wasn’t too bad so the cigar smoking in the golf cart was just fine.  The highlight of the day was on the back nine where there was a brief stop where I walked down some wooden stairs to a dock on a stocked trout pond where 5 or 6 fly rods were sitting in holders for anyone who wanted to take a cast or two and try their luck.  At the end of our round we all went back to the pond where a barbeque was going on.  I went back out on to the dock and chose the rod loaded with a sink-tip and proceeded to land 2 small rainbows.

Remember the word “Sagebrush” if you are ever going to spend some time golfing in the Merritt area of B.C. I don’t think you can find better golf in Canada!

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