Posted on 03-06-2010
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So what does a person do when either he or she gets beat up by a golf course?? Well that’s obvious, you drive back out there and try it again, which is exactly what I plan on doing once again tomorrow.

As soon as I got home from Kamloops B.C. the phone rang the next day and I was invited to go out again to that bone dry part of our province to play another round of golf.  What’s wrong with me?? Can’t I simply accept defeat and move on with my life?? I guess not.

This time we’ll be seeing another course called “Eagle Point” which is 20 minutes outside of Kamloops and another kick at the cat.  I think this time it might be time to load up the travel humidor with a few Cohiba Robustos. Those are awfully nice cigars but, from what I see on the weather network, there’ll be very little wind and that always means a great cigar smoking experience on the links..

Wish me luck!

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