Posted on 05-06-2010
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So the scene of the crime was in Kamloops, a few miles down the road from Merritt, same kind of golf course but maybe the Cohiba Robusto I brought along gave me the mojo I needed.  Shot an 88 instead of the terrible round I had the week-end before and it sure feels like victory.  Now let’s not get too excited, I’m not a great golfer and an 88 is still not a great score by many golfers standard, but for me it’s reason to celebrate.

We ran into punched greens and we all felt that if the balls wouldn’t have been bouncing around on their way towards the cup, our scores would probably have been lower by at least 5 strokes or more.

We had a sunny day and the wind was almost nonexistent.  That’s where the Robusto performed like a thoroughbred.  Wow, talk about an even burn and the incredible Cohiba taste I’ve come to know from that cigar.  I actuallhy brought 2 along and passed one off to one of the lads that played that day.  He is a guy that smokes almost as many cigars as I do and he really did “get it’…. you know what its like some times, you give a quality Cuban to someone who doesn’t see the difference between a Cohiba or a Guantanamera?  This guy was feeling the same bliss as I was experiencing and it made me feel great to see him having that much fun.

Sort of like the adult version of “show and tell”.

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