Posted on 10-06-2010
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I was gifted a Cohiba Coronas Especiales yesterday afternoon after a round of golf.  There is no reason to speak of how I golfed yesterday, maybe we should simply move on and speak about the cigar and not mention anything about me spending a lot of time in the trees looking for my balls and cursing my maker.

The Coronas Especiales is a 5.9 inch ( ring gauge 38 ) example of some of Cohiba’s best work and, I have to admit as far as smoking these, I haven’t had as much experience with them as I have with most other Cohibas.  Why?? I couldn’t tell you.

What impressed me with this cigar was the balance between strength and aroma.  Wow !!  Some would say that this is a good cigar for the beginner smoker but I have to argue that, because of it’s intermediate strength, it has complexity that maybe a more experienced smoker would be able to appreciate.  Subtle bean flavors mixing with wood make this one a perfect pair with either a port or fine Cuban rum and then sit back and enjoy this grand experience.

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