Posted on 11-06-2010
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When will it stop?????

My favorite pet peeves is still the daily check on Craigslist for cigars for sale in our fair city and I can’t get over the fact that there are still folks who come back from Cuba with garbage cigars for sale on the public site.  Some of you may say, just get over it, but there are times when I guess I must get a kick out of the torture…

Why would any one want to buy a box of Esplendidos on the beach in the first place??? Why?? Because they know nothing about cigars in the first place and think they can make a quick buck.. Oh well, let the buyer beware..

I’ve been looking around at the different Craigslist sites in different cities around the world and it seems that Canadian cities have more offers than any other place in the world.  I guess thats another reason to live in this great country but don’t get me started on our SIN tax!!!!!!

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