Posted on 15-06-2010
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Dropped in to see a friend of mine last night at his art gallery in South Vancouver.  There was an opening going on and, from time to time I love checking out what he has hanging on his walls. OK OK, maybe I really stopped in to hang out on the back deck with a glass of fine wine and do a bit of a cigar swap with him, which is something we do a few times each year.

I had a few Cuban Robustos that I wanted him to have and in turn we walked over to his humidors in the office and took a look at what was available and ready to smoke. We were drinking a lovely British Columbian Syrah and each decided to smoke a medium strength Cohiba Siglo III that he had been hanging on to.  What struck me was how the humidor smelled when he opened the lid.  This is one thing that, I have to admit, is a bit of a fetish I have and love the sweet barnyard smell of a humidor filled with beautiful cigars.  I had grandparents who owned a farm and as a child, I spent many a summer helping out and killing time in their beautiful barn yard.  The smell of fresh hay, horses and peaceful quiet afternoons can creep out of a humidor when the lid is lifted and the row of perfectly rolled Siglos in the top tray gave off all that I needed to bring me back to my youth.

The quiet jazz band and the people milling around the art gallery were of no concern to us as we smoked these beautiful cigars and drank the wine I brought.  We sat in silence and didn’t say much, simply smoked and occasionally commented on either the perfect burn or what we were both tasting as we went from third to third.  I have only a few friends that know and can identify all of the beautiful flavors that a Cohiba can give you and I take every opportunity to see these guys and learn whatever I can from them.

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