Posted on 20-06-2010
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A Cohiba Esplendidos sits in my ashtray in front of the small TV in my garage and for the next 3 or 4 hours I have no other plans but to smoke slowly, savoring every nuance this cigar has to offer, and watch the golf on television.  Its not that I have a lot of Esplendidos in the humidor these days but this is one golf tournament that deserves the very best.  I have to admit that it was a tough decision between the Esplendidos and the Robusto, I have both, but the game of golf commands the type of elegance that an Esplendidos has to offer.

I was very excited to see Tiger finish so well yesterday and to see him win it today would make me happy.  Seeing Phil ( no last name necessary ) win it today would also give me a bit of a charge but the young guys that are on the scene today, especially Ryo Ishikawa are impressing armchair golfers all around the country.

The wind is picking up at Pebble Beach and I have to stop typing now and get down to the garage and reach for my cutter and matches.

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