Posted on 23-06-2010
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We are Men.  We have inherited a gene that gives us the knowledge required to make a superior fire in the woods, how to cook a steak over that fire and how to poke that fire with a stick so that it burns to the best of it’s ability.

We also know how to set up a tent, set up a boat for fishing, tie a knot and catch a fish.  We also know how to clean the fish, examine it’s stomach to see what kind of flies it has been gorging itself on and how to match that fly with something in our fly boxes to catch even MORE fish.  We are Men!!

I guess by now you are probably guessing that I’m going on a week-end fishing trip with a few guys to the B.C. interior. I can’t wait, my bags are already packed and sitting in the garage beside my rods, tackle boxes, depth sounder, oars and rain gear.  The coolers for refreshing beverages have been cleaned out, a food list has been attached to the front of the refrigerator with a magnet and many phone calls have been made while deciding who buys what meals and who will be cooking first.

Cohiba cigars will be going along with me on this trip.  I plan on including a few Robustos, some Siglo I’s and a few Non-Cohiba Cuban cigars.  Because we can drive right up to the campsite I can actually take a nice humidor and leave it locked in the car as we fish.  I want the cigars to be in great shape whenever I need one.

I’ll be going over to a buddy’s place to do the odd blog and with any luck I’ll be able to tell a few tales of some really BIG fish being caught!!!

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