Posted on 24-06-2010
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Do you ever get the feeling that something could go very wrong with a plan that really shouldn’t give you too many headaches but then, there you go, flags get raised and later on that night you find yourself in a cold sweat in your bed and you wonder what untold horrors await you. ┬áThat’s how I felt late last night and now I wonder if I can really go through with what started as a simple couple of days at a lake, fishing, drinking a few beverages and smoking a Cohiba or two by the fire.

One of my friends has a bit of a gambling problem and he wants to get out of town because he feels that there is a slight possibility that “some guys” may be showing up at his house.

Another of the guys has a girlfriend who has a bit of a trust issue with him because of his “occasional” visit to the strip bars and she’s threatening to show up at the lake this week-end with a car load of her very protective brothers to “check in” on things.

The last guy told me that he’s having a difficult time finding a dog sitter for his “headcase” German Shepherd that hates me and has already taken a nice piece of flesh out of my thigh ( 18 stitches). ┬áHe said that he’s taking the dog along with him on this week-end’s trip!

Here I sit……………………

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