Posted on 25-06-2010
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I could hardly sleep last night and today at work I was a disaster as I thought about all of the things that could go wrong with tonight’s first evening at the lake with a crew of misfits that, maybe, do NOT belong together on a weekend trip. …..  Don’t get me wrong, I love these guys but at this point in time I’m taking a good hard look at self preservation.

Now the thing here is that we’ve all been hearing about the great fishing at the lake we’re planning on visiting.  You just don’t turn your back on something like that, especially since this is the first lake fishing we all will be doing this year.  A few of us spend time together in the winter at a lot of the rivers around the lower mainland as we go after salmon and steelhead but a 5 pound, scrappy rainbow trout on light gear should give any crusty old fisherman a rapid heartbeat.

Although we are only planning on staying for a couple of days, I’m taking along a humidor full of Cohibas, a few Ramon Allones, a couple of Trinidads and an ancient Davidoff I got from mu uncle a few weeks back.  OK the cigars are packed, lots of booze (we’re going to have too much), all of the fishing gear and a couple of Valium for my buddy’s dangerous German Shepherd…. Hey, I SAID self Preservation….. Lets hope I get back in one piece…….

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