Posted on 30-06-2010
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Ya know, I love these guys and one on one I believe that a person couldn’t find any more loyal and true buddies to hang out with but put them all in the same room, or in this case, campsite and you have a recipe for disaster in the making and a key that unlocks the gates of Hell.  On Friday afternoon I loaded up the car with all of the essentials and drove out of town with a bit of a foreboding feeling but I was trying to stay open minded and keep positive.. After all, these were all pretty good guys and adults, wheat could go wrong??

It took me about 4 hours to get to the lake and in that time I listened to Miles Davis, smoked a beautiful Partagas and thought about big, really big, fish that I was going to trick with my superlative flies.. As I pulled up to the lake I saw that we were the only ones at the campsite and the others had their tents set up, tarp shelters built and I saw my friends out on the small lake in 2 boats.. I noticed that one of the boats had a fish on and I couldn’t wait to get my 10 foot car topper aluminum boat off the roof racks and get out on to the lake.  I was ready to kick their butts! Then I saw the dog!!! Oh-oh !!

My friend’s German Shepherd, who’s always hated me for some reason, came running out of the trees and made a path straight for my car with his teeth bared, drool aplenty, and the voice of Satan in his growl.  Oh great!!!!  I was trapped.. I sat in the car for a minute and honked my horn, hoping that one of the boats could come in and get this vicious animal away from me so I could set up and get ready.  All I saw these guys do was wave their hands in recognition of the fact that I had arrived and kept on fishing. I kept on honking and they kept on waving.. This went on for about 45 minutes before one of the boats pulled up their anchors and came to shore..

After pulling the dog away from my car and tying it up and a few jokes about my fear of emergency rooms and needles that freeze your flesh as the stitches go in I gratefully handed out a few small Cuban Cigars and got my part of the campsite in order and went out on to the lake.  I did pretty well with a sinking line and stripping in a small green shrimp, catching about 7 beautiful rainbows, some getting close to 4 pounds when I heard what I thought was a gunshot.  Gunshot??

Back at the campsite I thought I recognized one of the guy’s wife’s brothers step out of a big American car with 4 other guys exiting the vehicle after him.. So now we have 5 strapping young lads who obviously look like they’ve been drinking and who were ready to let off some steam. They started yelling for my very unlucky buddy to come ashore so they could have a few words but my friend started his outboard and headed for the other side of the lake in a very brisk fashion.  I guess it was up to me to go over to the campsite to try to cool down some very hot moods.

As soon as I got to the shore one of the dark haired, very drunk lads with the pistol asked me where his brother in-law was and I had to say that he temporarily had to do some work on his engine at the other end of the lake.  Some quick and quiet discussion took place between the brothers and they told me that they were going to the bar and that they’d be back.. The dog, oh yeah I forgot the tied up dog, was growling and snarling all the while I was ashore and I couldn’t wait to get back out on to the water..

The rest of the day was spent in quiet relaxation in my boat.  I caught about 4 more (good sized) fish, kept a few for a shore snack and then rowed to the campsite and started on dinner.  There is nothing better than fresh rainbow trout fried in a pan over a fire, baked potatoes in the fire and grilled corn on the cob dripping with butter.. Well the only thing better is the Siglo IV with a tumbler of Scotch and a comfortable folding camp armchair in front of a fire afterwards..  This was what I had been waiting for until my friend untied his dog who made a beeline in my direction and promptly clamped on to my leg with jaws of steel and an attitude best reserved for the battlefields of Afghanistan..

My week-end was over…… After a thousand apologies from the others and no shortage of help packing up all of my stuff I tried to best I could to keep the bleeding at a controlled rate and drove very quickly to Kamloops for a visit to the emergency ward.

I guess I’ll keep my fishing equipment, rods, lures and flies and all that goes with it but for now golf is looking pretty good..

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