Posted on 24-07-2010
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I was just perusing one of my favorite cigar sites and was delighted to see that they have the new Cohiba Behike cigars already. Here is what they have to say:

• Cohiba Behike, the most exclusive line of Habanos, arrives in Canada with three new formats: BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56.

• Its extremely limited production incorporates for the first time a specific tobacco leaf called “medio tiempo”, which grants exceptional character and flavor.

• Each Cohiba Behike Habanos has a band with two holograms for security identification.

• Also denominated Fortaleza 4, the Medio Tiempo is a very scarce leaf coming from the two upper leaves of the sun-grown tobacco plant. However, not all these plants produce both. Availability of Medio Tiempo will depend on the dedication, care and attention paid to each tobacco plant, considering the changing climatic conditions as well. Due to the foliar position in the plant, the flavor is concentrated with greater intensity in the leaves of “Medio Tiempo”.

•The three vitolas of the new Línea Cohiba Behike are:

- BHK 52 52 x 4 3/4 Factory name: Laguito No 4

- BHK 54 54 x 5 5/8 Factory name: Laguito No 5

- BHK 56 56 x 6 1/2 Factory name: Laguito No 6

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Posted on 21-07-2010
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Tomorrow morning I’ll be jumping on a plane bright and early for a trip to the prairies of Saskatchewan to visit my parents, friends and relatives.  I have my travel humidor all planned out and will be taking along a few Cohiba Piramides Limited Edition cigars for some very special friends who love to taste the best cigars in the world.  Saskatchewan has limited opportunities for buying Cuban cigars, not much in Regina but Saskatoon, which is farther north than I’m going, has a bit better selection to choose from.

I plan on catching a few musical acts when I’m in Southern Saskatchewan.  Bengough, a small town in the south of the province, has a rock and country music festival featuring bands like Victoria Banks, Derek Ruttan and my favorite, “One More Girl”.  I went to the festival last year and it was hot hot hot weather but the cold beer was flowing and the great music made up for any discomfort, weather wise.

I’ll have the folding chair, my Cohibas and good friends to keep me company…….

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Posted on 20-07-2010
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Sometimes I get very worked up about getting reports from different friends about their golf scores!!!!  OK OK, I know that this is a cigar blog but I have to go on a bit of a rant here!!!!!!

I have this friend, Al, who I golf with quite a bit.. He is a bit deaf and when riding in a golf cart with him I find that I’m always repeating myself, louder and louder, so he can hear what I’m saying… But….. Most of the time I’m not convinced that he’s even listening….. I give him the odd cigar but he just ends up inhaling the smoke and then telling me how much he doesn’t like cigars… But he still asks for them……

Good grief!!!!!!

This morning I heard all about his round yesterday where he shot an 80 and, well, I’ve never seen him break 90 whenever I golf with him…… It drove me nuts!!!!!!

So here is what I did after I got off the phone!!!!

I went to my humidor and picked a lovely Siglo I, sat on the back deck and enjoyed one of those beauties as I cooled off…… There is something about smoking a great Cuban cigar that settles you down.  You search for all of the subtle flavors that a cigar of that quality will give you and it never ceases to amaze you in that it will deliver the goods each and every time…… We are very fortunate to be able to buy Cubans and smoke them without any repercussions from anyone and Cohiba does it for me each and every time!!!!

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Posted on 15-07-2010
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Today at the Resort course at Swan-E-Set was a great day for good weather, average golf and a beautiful Cohiba Esplendidos on the back nine.  A bit of wind required me to even out the burn from time to time but the taste was out of this world. A few of my drives went out of this world as well, well maybe they went out of bounds but I didn’t let any of that bother me in the least.

The golf course has two courses, a links course and a resort course ( which we visited today) and the greens were as fast as lightning.  This course started out being a private course but due to the distance from Vancouver it changed it’s policy to accommodate everyone who wants to golf there and their bottom line improved dramatically after that.

This course is by a river and water plays on many holes.. Keep the drives straight !!!!  Another thing that we saw was a lot of wildlife today.  Many deer were walking around the fairways and it makes for a more beautiful experience all in all..

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Posted on 15-07-2010
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I spent the afternoon in my camping chair at a baseball diamond, a drink in one hand and a Cohiba Siglo II in the other.  Those little Marevas are the perfect companion on a warm afternoon when the wind is almost non-existent and your friends are playing ball, getting too serious with the game and arguing with each other so much that you wonder if their friendship is on it’s last legs.

This little Cohiba was a few years old and the creaminess was through the roof.  The burn was exceptional throughout and required no re-lighting or correcting at all.  Wow, it makes you wonder how they do it. I mean, its only a bunch of rolled up leaves but a steady draw, earthy flavor and the exquisite distinguished cigar band make the whole event as perfect as you could imagine.

I decided that I wasn’t going to play ball at all, too many injuries occur when someone of my age gets a few drinks in him and then decides to prove himself to a bunch of jacked up wild eyed weirdos.. It just isn’t worth it…… Plus…… Tomorrow is a golf day and I’m going to a rather pricey course.. I want to hit the ball straight and have my wits about me// The last thing I want is to have aches and pains when I have my driver in my hand………..

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Posted on 05-07-2010
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On July 1st I found myself in Dauphin Manitoba at a country music festival and having the time of my life.  I had spent a day or two visiting relatives and decided to take in the festival.  Hey, I own a cowboy hat, why not !!!!

Thursday was a hot hot and humid day that featured a lot of talent on the main stage. The highlight of my night was a set by a group called, “One More Girl”.  2 young women, Britt and Carly McKillip with an awesome band played a highly charged set that consisted of their hits on radio and video that had the crowd on it’s feet.  I waited patiently for aaron Pritchett to come on when we noticed the sky getting darker.  Canada’s prairies seem to have different weather patterns every few minutes so I don’t think that anyone cared, everyone was waiting to hear Aaron sing, “Hold My Beer”!

He started his set with a song called, “Let’s Get Rowdy” which got the crowd in the mood and we all felt that the rest of the night was going to go without a hitch…. Not so fast!

3 or 4 songs into Aaron’s set and the music stops and we were told that for safety reasons the show was going to be put on hold.  I went to the car and lit up a Siglo I and stared at the sky in disbelief.. I had never seen swirling clouds like that and had never felt a shift in temperature as extreme as we were feeling at the festival site that night.  Lucky for everyone that nothing happened Tornado wise but we heard that Saskatchewan, one province over,  got hit….

I finished my cigar and then went back to see the rest of the show but I kept thinking that with us burning the fossil fuels at the rate that we burn them we have to be changing our weather patterns and my experience that night cemented that theory for me..

The music and the Siglo were a real treat…….

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