Posted on 05-07-2010
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On July 1st I found myself in Dauphin Manitoba at a country music festival and having the time of my life.  I had spent a day or two visiting relatives and decided to take in the festival.  Hey, I own a cowboy hat, why not !!!!

Thursday was a hot hot and humid day that featured a lot of talent on the main stage. The highlight of my night was a set by a group called, “One More Girl”.  2 young women, Britt and Carly McKillip with an awesome band played a highly charged set that consisted of their hits on radio and video that had the crowd on it’s feet.  I waited patiently for aaron Pritchett to come on when we noticed the sky getting darker.  Canada’s prairies seem to have different weather patterns every few minutes so I don’t think that anyone cared, everyone was waiting to hear Aaron sing, “Hold My Beer”!

He started his set with a song called, “Let’s Get Rowdy” which got the crowd in the mood and we all felt that the rest of the night was going to go without a hitch…. Not so fast!

3 or 4 songs into Aaron’s set and the music stops and we were told that for safety reasons the show was going to be put on hold.  I went to the car and lit up a Siglo I and stared at the sky in disbelief.. I had never seen swirling clouds like that and had never felt a shift in temperature as extreme as we were feeling at the festival site that night.  Lucky for everyone that nothing happened Tornado wise but we heard that Saskatchewan, one province over,  got hit….

I finished my cigar and then went back to see the rest of the show but I kept thinking that with us burning the fossil fuels at the rate that we burn them we have to be changing our weather patterns and my experience that night cemented that theory for me..

The music and the Siglo were a real treat…….

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