Posted on 15-07-2010
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I spent the afternoon in my camping chair at a baseball diamond, a drink in one hand and a Cohiba Siglo II in the other.  Those little Marevas are the perfect companion on a warm afternoon when the wind is almost non-existent and your friends are playing ball, getting too serious with the game and arguing with each other so much that you wonder if their friendship is on it’s last legs.

This little Cohiba was a few years old and the creaminess was through the roof.  The burn was exceptional throughout and required no re-lighting or correcting at all.  Wow, it makes you wonder how they do it. I mean, its only a bunch of rolled up leaves but a steady draw, earthy flavor and the exquisite distinguished cigar band make the whole event as perfect as you could imagine.

I decided that I wasn’t going to play ball at all, too many injuries occur when someone of my age gets a few drinks in him and then decides to prove himself to a bunch of jacked up wild eyed weirdos.. It just isn’t worth it…… Plus…… Tomorrow is a golf day and I’m going to a rather pricey course.. I want to hit the ball straight and have my wits about me// The last thing I want is to have aches and pains when I have my driver in my hand………..

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