Posted on 20-07-2010
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Sometimes I get very worked up about getting reports from different friends about their golf scores!!!!  OK OK, I know that this is a cigar blog but I have to go on a bit of a rant here!!!!!!

I have this friend, Al, who I golf with quite a bit.. He is a bit deaf and when riding in a golf cart with him I find that I’m always repeating myself, louder and louder, so he can hear what I’m saying… But….. Most of the time I’m not convinced that he’s even listening….. I give him the odd cigar but he just ends up inhaling the smoke and then telling me how much he doesn’t like cigars… But he still asks for them……

Good grief!!!!!!

This morning I heard all about his round yesterday where he shot an 80 and, well, I’ve never seen him break 90 whenever I golf with him…… It drove me nuts!!!!!!

So here is what I did after I got off the phone!!!!

I went to my humidor and picked a lovely Siglo I, sat on the back deck and enjoyed one of those beauties as I cooled off…… There is something about smoking a great Cuban cigar that settles you down.  You search for all of the subtle flavors that a cigar of that quality will give you and it never ceases to amaze you in that it will deliver the goods each and every time…… We are very fortunate to be able to buy Cubans and smoke them without any repercussions from anyone and Cohiba does it for me each and every time!!!!

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