Posted on 27-08-2010

Today the weather is cool in the Pacific Northwest and I’m looking out the window at the light rain and thinking of all the great Cuban cigars I’ve smoked this past summer..  OK OK, it isn’t officially Autumn yet but when I start to see the leaves turning colors in our front yard I automatically start thinking about raking leaves, making sure I have my waterproof golf shoes in good condition and readily available and I start thinking about smoking Cohiba cigars in cooler weather.

I have a covered deck, gas heater and comfortable chairs beside a table where friends gather in the winter months and puff on stogies as we talk about the winter golf conditions, which fish are coming up the rivers in our area and our plans for next year’s summer vacations.  Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here but the first few cool winds that blow across the yard always give me a bit of a shiver and I’m reminded that cigars just don’t seem to be as enjoyable…. Then I tell myself to GET OVER IT !!!!!!

Autumn also brings great moments by the river, golf in my home town when almost all other golfers are shoveling snow and the ability to still light up a Cohiba out on the back deck without getting hypothermia.  I have a lot to be grateful for.

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Posted on 21-08-2010
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Just returned from golfing the desert courses in the Okanagan, lots of wine, tons of sun and many cigars every day.  My humidor took a terrible hit but special occasions deserve special cigars and this trip, 6 days in total, ate up some very special cigars.

I had a couple of Behikes with me and the 52 was the first to get smoked one night after dinner.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to taste when I lit this one but I was met with flavors that aren’t usually present in Cohiba cigars.  If you are looking for that grassy herbal taste that we get from Cohiba cigars you may want to reconsider your purchase but if you have any kind of adventurous spirit then this is the FIRST cigar you should go pick up.

This was the first time I had smoked the Medio Tiempo leaf and I believe that this leaf in the blend of Cohiba’s new line of cigars gives us a whole new perspective when smoking Cohibas.  I’m not exactly sure how I can describe the taste of this cigar other than it is balanced, not one flavor jumping to the forefront.  I found it to be loaded with chocolate and maybe even hazelnut but I have to be really honest, there was alcohol present at the table I was sitting at and a fair bit was consumed.

My wife loved the 52 Behike, she gets to try out all of the cigars I smoke and this one made her sit up straight and take notice.  She knows the difference between Cohiba and non Cohiba cigars but she couldn’t identify why this one tasted different other than the fact that she loved it.. I had a hard time getting it back from her.

The draw was perfect, the burn was very even to the nub and the firm cigar behaved very very well, needing no touchups at all.  I need to get more of these if I can…. May be a bit difficult but that’s my mission.  The Behike 54 will be the next one that will be smoked and I’ll let you know in maybe more detail what I run into!

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Posted on 13-08-2010

Sunday my wife and I, along with two close friend, will be leaving Vancouver and taking a couple of cars to Penticton in the Okanagan valley for wine, golf and cigars… A lot of emphasis will be placed on the golf and cigars.. OK OK, there’ll be Scotch, Grand Marnier, port, cigars and Golf..  We’ve been doing this for the last five years and we all agree that these are our best days of the year.  We come home with cases of some of the best wine our country has to offer and a few big hits on the old credit cards.  Hey, what’s life all about anyway??!!?!?!

The weather will be hot and calm, wind wise, so that will make for some of the best early evening cigar smoking I can imagine. I especially love the no wind part.  Being able to golf for 5 days in a row is something my friend, Tom, and I have been talking about for the last few months.  We work extra hard to make sure that we can pull this off and when it does we feel very victorious indeed!!

The Behikes that I’ve picked up will be sacrificed on this trip as will be a few Esplendidos and some Cohiba Robustos.  When spending time in a great environment with friends, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pull out all the stops and decimate your humidor to the best of your ability.

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Posted on 12-08-2010
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Well so far I’ve been able to get my hands on 2 of these much acclaimed Cohiba cigars but have yet to taste them.  How long will I wait??  Its anyone’s guess but I can tell you that what I think the right thing to do and what I WILL do will certainly be two different things.  The sensible part of me thinks that the best thing to do would be to hold on to them for at least 10 years.  But hey, I paid an arm and a leg for them so I can definitely say that the sensible side of me has no say in this matter whatsoever.

What I’m now looking for is a 56 ring gauge Behike and so far I’ve come up empty in Vancouver so far.  This is a big city, one of the world’s travel destinations.  We have some very respectable cigar stores and my next stop will be ” The Vancouver Cigar Company”.  Trevor, the shop manager, is a very knowledgeable cigar aficionado who will get me hooked up and when I have the third installment in my holy trinity I’ll break out the Scotch, reach for the torch and sacrifice the first in a three day ( one each day ) exercise in hedonism of the purest form.

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to the 54.  I’ve been reading different reviews about the Behike middle child and, from what I gather, this is the one that has all of the people talking.  I HAVE heard that there are Cohiba lovers that have been going wild about the 52 and that really has my curiosity Piqued so that will be the second one I try.  The 52 I was able to get is one of the most beautiful cigars I have ever seen, very smooth and slightly oily.. I can’t wait!!

The 56, on the other hand, has been selling very very well and it is the most difficult to obtain.  Remember, stores across Canada have been getting only one box of each.  Wow!! These Cohibas are as hard to get as gold medal round Olympic hockey tickets.  Thank God they are a “Little bit ” cheaper!!!

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Posted on 08-08-2010
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Although my visit to Halifax, in Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s most eastern provinces, was a short visit I was able to catch a few events that were a lot of fun.. I saw some very good street performers taking part in a busker’s festival and it really gave me a glimpse into the kind of lives we used to live when there was no TV, movies, youtube, or radio.  These people were society’s only entertainment and they went from village to village and performed in town squares, giving the audience their take on politics, current affairs, views on religion ( if it was safe) and dazzled the people with acrobatics and music.  The city streets of Halifax were alive with many of these performers and it was a total gas!

One night I went down to the water and ate a beautiful dinner of oysters, Mussels and lobster at a restaurant called “the five fishermen”.  An elegant old character restaurant playing soft jazz and serving some of the best food on the east coast.

I met a great guy called Paul Stulac who owned a cigar shop called “Smoke on the Water”.  This shop in Bishop’s Landing, a small area of downtown Halifax, is pleasant, well stocked and caters to tourists from all over the world who are looking for a taste of fine Cuban cigars on their travels.

Yesterday Halifax had a country and western music festival, ” Country Rockfest 2010 ” featuring Alan Jackson, Billy Currington, George Canyon and Lonestar.  This event was held in a downtown park called Halifax Commons, last year the same park featured Sir Paul McCartney playing to tens of thousands of people from all over the eastern parts of Canada!!!!!!

When all of the fun was over and it was time to return to Vancouver, I extinguished all smoking materials, boarded a plane and read a good book on the flights home…. We have a Wide wide country and I’m always amazed at how little time it takes to go from one coast to the other!

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Posted on 04-08-2010
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My job allows me to do a fair bit of traveling and in the summer months I spend far too much time at the Vancouver airport than I ‘d like but, what can you do??

I have one question for any Canadian readers.  I’d love to visit a cigar shop in Halifas, NS that has a good supply of Cuban cigars and am wondering if anyone can help me in this department.  In particular I’m looking to pick up any of the Cohiba Behike line.  These cigars are difficult to find and yesterday I was able to get my hands on a 52 but its the 54 I’m looking for.

I’m a big fan of Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley and lobster.  I’ve been to the east coast of Canada many times and I’m always thrilled to see the “other” side of the country but this time I want to be able to drink wine, eat lobster and smoke a great Cohiba, if I can.

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Posted on 03-08-2010
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I don’t think I can say enough about the people from Saskatchewan.  These are very friendly and accommodating folks who would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it.  I think it may have something to do with the fact that it is one of the more sparsely populated provinces in our country and the people are made up with a lot of rural workers who don’t live in the fear of the big cities.  I guess fear brings out the worst in us.

I smoked a fair number of cigars on my trip, mostly Cohibas, Upmanns, Partagas and Cuabas.  From time to time I would visit different cigar shops and I guess the best were the ones in Edmonton.  There is certainly no shortage of money in Alberta and the people in Edmonton have great cigar shops to choose from.  The only problem Iran into was a shop in a downtown mall that had Punch Royal Coronations ( in tubes ) that were peppered with holes in the wrapper…Hmmmm…. Bugs…… The best advise I can give to those shopping for cigars would be to make sure you see the cigars you are planning on buying.  Just because they come in tubes doesn’t always mean that you’ll be getting a quality product.  I picked up a Punch of the same family from the same shop that had no problems at all.. Still beware though !!!

Music was in the air in the Prairies because of different summer festivals.  Artists I saw that really impressed me were, on the country side of things, One more Girl, Victoria Banks and Derick Ruttan.  On the R&B side I’d have to say that John Lee Sanders was the real deal!!!  Wow, this guy can write beautiful songs, has a great band, plays piano, sax and guitar and a terrific voice.  Try to do a bit of looking around the internet for him.. You won’t be disappointed !!!!!

Well, beck to the drudgery of golf and fishing back home in B.C.  The Spring salmon are running in the Fraser river and 12 more sleeps until we go out to the Okanagan for 5 days of golf in the Penticton Oliver areas.  Life is tough!!!!!!

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