Posted on 03-08-2010
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I don’t think I can say enough about the people from Saskatchewan.  These are very friendly and accommodating folks who would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it.  I think it may have something to do with the fact that it is one of the more sparsely populated provinces in our country and the people are made up with a lot of rural workers who don’t live in the fear of the big cities.  I guess fear brings out the worst in us.

I smoked a fair number of cigars on my trip, mostly Cohibas, Upmanns, Partagas and Cuabas.  From time to time I would visit different cigar shops and I guess the best were the ones in Edmonton.  There is certainly no shortage of money in Alberta and the people in Edmonton have great cigar shops to choose from.  The only problem Iran into was a shop in a downtown mall that had Punch Royal Coronations ( in tubes ) that were peppered with holes in the wrapper…Hmmmm…. Bugs…… The best advise I can give to those shopping for cigars would be to make sure you see the cigars you are planning on buying.  Just because they come in tubes doesn’t always mean that you’ll be getting a quality product.  I picked up a Punch of the same family from the same shop that had no problems at all.. Still beware though !!!

Music was in the air in the Prairies because of different summer festivals.  Artists I saw that really impressed me were, on the country side of things, One more Girl, Victoria Banks and Derick Ruttan.  On the R&B side I’d have to say that John Lee Sanders was the real deal!!!  Wow, this guy can write beautiful songs, has a great band, plays piano, sax and guitar and a terrific voice.  Try to do a bit of looking around the internet for him.. You won’t be disappointed !!!!!

Well, beck to the drudgery of golf and fishing back home in B.C.  The Spring salmon are running in the Fraser river and 12 more sleeps until we go out to the Okanagan for 5 days of golf in the Penticton Oliver areas.  Life is tough!!!!!!

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