Posted on 04-08-2010
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My job allows me to do a fair bit of traveling and in the summer months I spend far too much time at the Vancouver airport than I ‘d like but, what can you do??

I have one question for any Canadian readers.  I’d love to visit a cigar shop in Halifas, NS that has a good supply of Cuban cigars and am wondering if anyone can help me in this department.  In particular I’m looking to pick up any of the Cohiba Behike line.  These cigars are difficult to find and yesterday I was able to get my hands on a 52 but its the 54 I’m looking for.

I’m a big fan of Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley and lobster.  I’ve been to the east coast of Canada many times and I’m always thrilled to see the “other” side of the country but this time I want to be able to drink wine, eat lobster and smoke a great Cohiba, if I can.

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