Posted on 08-08-2010
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Although my visit to Halifax, in Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s most eastern provinces, was a short visit I was able to catch a few events that were a lot of fun.. I saw some very good street performers taking part in a busker’s festival and it really gave me a glimpse into the kind of lives we used to live when there was no TV, movies, youtube, or radio.  These people were society’s only entertainment and they went from village to village and performed in town squares, giving the audience their take on politics, current affairs, views on religion ( if it was safe) and dazzled the people with acrobatics and music.  The city streets of Halifax were alive with many of these performers and it was a total gas!

One night I went down to the water and ate a beautiful dinner of oysters, Mussels and lobster at a restaurant called “the five fishermen”.  An elegant old character restaurant playing soft jazz and serving some of the best food on the east coast.

I met a great guy called Paul Stulac who owned a cigar shop called “Smoke on the Water”.  This shop in Bishop’s Landing, a small area of downtown Halifax, is pleasant, well stocked and caters to tourists from all over the world who are looking for a taste of fine Cuban cigars on their travels.

Yesterday Halifax had a country and western music festival, ” Country Rockfest 2010 ” featuring Alan Jackson, Billy Currington, George Canyon and Lonestar.  This event was held in a downtown park called Halifax Commons, last year the same park featured Sir Paul McCartney playing to tens of thousands of people from all over the eastern parts of Canada!!!!!!

When all of the fun was over and it was time to return to Vancouver, I extinguished all smoking materials, boarded a plane and read a good book on the flights home…. We have a Wide wide country and I’m always amazed at how little time it takes to go from one coast to the other!

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