Posted on 12-08-2010
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Well so far I’ve been able to get my hands on 2 of these much acclaimed Cohiba cigars but have yet to taste them.  How long will I wait??  Its anyone’s guess but I can tell you that what I think the right thing to do and what I WILL do will certainly be two different things.  The sensible part of me thinks that the best thing to do would be to hold on to them for at least 10 years.  But hey, I paid an arm and a leg for them so I can definitely say that the sensible side of me has no say in this matter whatsoever.

What I’m now looking for is a 56 ring gauge Behike and so far I’ve come up empty in Vancouver so far.  This is a big city, one of the world’s travel destinations.  We have some very respectable cigar stores and my next stop will be ” The Vancouver Cigar Company”.  Trevor, the shop manager, is a very knowledgeable cigar aficionado who will get me hooked up and when I have the third installment in my holy trinity I’ll break out the Scotch, reach for the torch and sacrifice the first in a three day ( one each day ) exercise in hedonism of the purest form.

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to the 54.  I’ve been reading different reviews about the Behike middle child and, from what I gather, this is the one that has all of the people talking.  I HAVE heard that there are Cohiba lovers that have been going wild about the 52 and that really has my curiosity Piqued so that will be the second one I try.  The 52 I was able to get is one of the most beautiful cigars I have ever seen, very smooth and slightly oily.. I can’t wait!!

The 56, on the other hand, has been selling very very well and it is the most difficult to obtain.  Remember, stores across Canada have been getting only one box of each.  Wow!! These Cohibas are as hard to get as gold medal round Olympic hockey tickets.  Thank God they are a “Little bit ” cheaper!!!

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