Posted on 13-08-2010

Sunday my wife and I, along with two close friend, will be leaving Vancouver and taking a couple of cars to Penticton in the Okanagan valley for wine, golf and cigars… A lot of emphasis will be placed on the golf and cigars.. OK OK, there’ll be Scotch, Grand Marnier, port, cigars and Golf..  We’ve been doing this for the last five years and we all agree that these are our best days of the year.  We come home with cases of some of the best wine our country has to offer and a few big hits on the old credit cards.  Hey, what’s life all about anyway??!!?!?!

The weather will be hot and calm, wind wise, so that will make for some of the best early evening cigar smoking I can imagine. I especially love the no wind part.  Being able to golf for 5 days in a row is something my friend, Tom, and I have been talking about for the last few months.  We work extra hard to make sure that we can pull this off and when it does we feel very victorious indeed!!

The Behikes that I’ve picked up will be sacrificed on this trip as will be a few Esplendidos and some Cohiba Robustos.  When spending time in a great environment with friends, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pull out all the stops and decimate your humidor to the best of your ability.

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