Posted on 21-08-2010
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Just returned from golfing the desert courses in the Okanagan, lots of wine, tons of sun and many cigars every day.  My humidor took a terrible hit but special occasions deserve special cigars and this trip, 6 days in total, ate up some very special cigars.

I had a couple of Behikes with me and the 52 was the first to get smoked one night after dinner.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to taste when I lit this one but I was met with flavors that aren’t usually present in Cohiba cigars.  If you are looking for that grassy herbal taste that we get from Cohiba cigars you may want to reconsider your purchase but if you have any kind of adventurous spirit then this is the FIRST cigar you should go pick up.

This was the first time I had smoked the Medio Tiempo leaf and I believe that this leaf in the blend of Cohiba’s new line of cigars gives us a whole new perspective when smoking Cohibas.  I’m not exactly sure how I can describe the taste of this cigar other than it is balanced, not one flavor jumping to the forefront.  I found it to be loaded with chocolate and maybe even hazelnut but I have to be really honest, there was alcohol present at the table I was sitting at and a fair bit was consumed.

My wife loved the 52 Behike, she gets to try out all of the cigars I smoke and this one made her sit up straight and take notice.  She knows the difference between Cohiba and non Cohiba cigars but she couldn’t identify why this one tasted different other than the fact that she loved it.. I had a hard time getting it back from her.

The draw was perfect, the burn was very even to the nub and the firm cigar behaved very very well, needing no touchups at all.  I need to get more of these if I can…. May be a bit difficult but that’s my mission.  The Behike 54 will be the next one that will be smoked and I’ll let you know in maybe more detail what I run into!

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