Posted on 27-08-2010

Today the weather is cool in the Pacific Northwest and I’m looking out the window at the light rain and thinking of all the great Cuban cigars I’ve smoked this past summer..  OK OK, it isn’t officially Autumn yet but when I start to see the leaves turning colors in our front yard I automatically start thinking about raking leaves, making sure I have my waterproof golf shoes in good condition and readily available and I start thinking about smoking Cohiba cigars in cooler weather.

I have a covered deck, gas heater and comfortable chairs beside a table where friends gather in the winter months and puff on stogies as we talk about the winter golf conditions, which fish are coming up the rivers in our area and our plans for next year’s summer vacations.  Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here but the first few cool winds that blow across the yard always give me a bit of a shiver and I’m reminded that cigars just don’t seem to be as enjoyable…. Then I tell myself to GET OVER IT !!!!!!

Autumn also brings great moments by the river, golf in my home town when almost all other golfers are shoveling snow and the ability to still light up a Cohiba out on the back deck without getting hypothermia.  I have a lot to be grateful for.

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