Posted on 15-09-2010
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The best cigar I smoked last week was a Cohiba Robusto that I lit up just before the Canadian Country Music Awards.  I was standing around outside the Rexall Centre in Edmonton, the weather was warm, not much wind and I was reminded once again as to why this could be my favorite cigar, smooth, a bit herbal and very balanced.

I had a great time sharing my cigar with a few friends as I did my best to introduce cigar smoking to the many cigarette smokers that were part of the entertainment and crew who waited for the show to begin.  I have some friends in a successful Canadian country band called “Doc Walker”, who love smoking cigars and they gave me 3 Romeo y Julieta No. 1′s in aluminum tubes.  I smoked one of these on the drive back to Vancouver the next day and I was very impressed with the quality of that cigar.  These are good ol’ Canadian cowboys who love to have a good time and always put on a terrific show.

The Awards show itself was great to see live and I believe the highlight of the night was when “One More Girl” hit the stage.  They had a 9 piece band that played live and sounded great while the girls, Britt and Carley, sang impeccably.  The girls won their first award in the “Rising Star” category which once again reminded me that they will have a bright and long career.  But I always knew that.

More cigars were smoked after the show with a few different singers at some of the late night jams that always take place during that week of industry festivities.  Hearing Canada’s finest musicians play off the cuff with members of other groups is always a big treat and always delivers some of the finest performances of the week.

Next year the Canadian Country Music Association will be holding it’s awards show in  Hamilton, Ontario and anyone wanting to have a great week should buy some boots, maybe a hat and a clean shirt and get ready to have the time of your life.

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