Posted on 22-09-2010
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Well tomorrow we’ll be having a great day of weather in Vancouver, who knows, maybe one of the last great days of the year for golf and a Siglo I in the great outdoors.  One problem though, the City of Vancouver has now banned smoking on all public beaches, parks and golf courses.  Are you kidding me?????? No cigar smoking on a golf course??

I think its about time I make a statement and light one of those beautiful Cohibas anyway and see who will be trying to stop a calm and agreeable law-biding citizen as he hits a little white ball on a golf course with a small Cuban burning on the dash of the golf cart!!!  I have to dig my heels in and continue a tradition that has been carried on since golf has been invented.

Now I know that I have no right to foul up anyone’s air when they are sitting in a restaurant, bar, bank, church, bus depot, airport, department store, shopping mall or movie theatre but GIVE ME A BREAK, I’m going to be on a fairway in the middle of an open air golf course and I KNOW that I won’t be bothering anyone!!!!! Come and get me!!!!! Whoever you are, wherever you are!!!!!!!!

I can’t go down without a fight!!!!!!

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