Posted on 23-09-2010
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So my rant about not being able to have a cigar while I golf in Surrey, B.C. was a bit premature since its just the Vancouver courses that will not allow any kind of smoking….. for fire reasons….. Yeah, right!!!!!! Fire?? I’m wondering when was the last time a Vancouver golf course went up in flames because a lit cigarette butt or cigar butt was dropped into the rough.. I’ll tell you one thing about golfing in Vancouver, BUY WATERPROOF FOOTWEAR !!  I’m serious, unless you have a passion for soggy feet while you’re tromping around, looking for your ball, you better be prepared for wet, damp and soggy patches of ground.  Fire?? Give me a break!!!

So I’m golfing with my buddy, Paul, and he tells me that he’ll be going to Cabo this winter and he’s wondering if I want him to bring back a few boxes of Cubans for me.. Well sure I do, but he’s not a cigar smoker and doesn’t really know a thing about the topic and to him, a cigar is just a cigar and they’re available everywhere in Mexico…… Can you hear the evil Alfred Hitchcock music start???

I haven’t been to cabo and so I’m thinking that the best place to start is the internet.. The last hour or so has been spent looking around at the different sites describing different people’s experiences with cigars in Mexico.  I feel quite optimistic in that I can probably point Paul in the right direction but there are a few things that have me wondering if Cabo is the best place to pick up Cubans.  One of my concerns is the tax rate that Mexico has when importing Cuban cigars.. It seems that for every $100 spent on Tobacco, they tack another $100 for tax…….. Soooooooooo, although I can direct my buddy to a LCDH, I’m wondering if I should simply wait for a trip to Cuba, or at least another friend going there.. Havana or Veradero has authentic Cubans available for the careful shopper so I may just wait…

Sometimes the easy option in life isn’t always the best option!

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