Posted on 26-09-2010

After spending a week in Edmonton at the Canadian Country Music week I have to admit that I wore myself down to nothing.  Late nights, adult beverages and meetings that lasted long into the nights and then a long drive back to vancouver resulted in a flu of biblical proportion.  I found myself laying in bed, sweating, coughing and drinking as much fluids as I could possible take in but the worst of all of it was the total waste of money I spent on cigars that I simply couldn’t taste in the days following.

This morning I woke up with no residual sick feelings at all and so after breakfast I decided to celebrate with a Cohiba Siglo IV and a cappuccino on the deck.  Wow, what a difference this cigar was after the others that simply were fine but lacked any subtle nuances of flavor because of my inability to taste.  This corona gorda with a 46 ring gauge and a length of 5.6 inches opened up with a nutty tobacco taste that was creamy and slightly earthy.  The older Cohiba line was only slightly present in this cigar and by that I mean that it had the Cohiba spice that I love so much but slightly milder and easier to take in the morning.

I loved every puff as it moved into the final third with vanilla and subtle honey and it made me wonder why I smoked anything at all in the days before.  This might have been the best Cohiba I smoked this year, I still have a few more from this box from ’08 and a large part of me wants to start tomorrow the same way I started today but I don’t believe I’ll be able to re-live this morning’s experience with the same excitement and passion so maybe I’ll dig around my humidor for another Cuban and see what tomorrow brings.

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