A few days ago I dropped down to one of my favorite cigar stores in Vancouver, “The Vancouver Cigar Company” and my friend Trevor revealed to me that they had discovered a bunch of boxes of aged Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios from’08 and ’07 that they had forgotten about.  These guys have a nicely stocked humidor and I can see how things can get misplaced.  The cigars have been in ideal conditions for the last few years and I had to pick up a few from each vintage.

As usual, I thought that the best thing to do would be to try out the older of the two so after dinner last night I pulled out an ’07 and lit one up on the deck as I watched my neighbors re-shingle their roof.  I love it when someone else is working hard and doing something to improve their home, especially if I DON’T have to help.  My neighbor is a good friend and couldn’t help but walk over at one point last night to see what I was smoking.. We often smoke cigars together at night but he was in a hurry to get things finished before it got too dark to work.

When he dropped by I was getting into the second third of the Genios and my taste buds were experiencing as many different kinds of chocolate as I could imagine.  There were only about 3 years of age on these cigars but the smoothness was out of this world.  Very balanced, not one flavor ever taking over, and as I got into the final third the cigar was getting beanier by the minute without ever becoming harsh.  I wasn’t in a drinking mood last night and only had a bottle of mineral water with me on the deck which I think was a great idea.  I didn’t want to taste ANYTHING else but the Genios.

I can’t wait for tonight’s ’08 !!!!

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