Posted on 16-10-2010
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1966 was the year that Cohiba started making a lot of the best cigars that the world has ever seen, smoked or smelled.  This was when diplomats around the world were given these cigars as gifts and were able to smoke the same cigars that Castro had known about and smoked himself until he stopped smoking some years back.

Not a lot is known about this special cigar from Cohiba just yet.  We can only guess the size, the price and the amount of cigars that will be in, I’m guessing, special humidors that will be up for sale next year.  Judging from the cost of past special edition Cohibas, most cigar smokers around the world will only be able to dream about lighting up one of these fine Cubans…… But what a dream!!!

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Tommyzman on 5 November, 2010 at 7:34 pm #

Hey, I’m sure the cigar will be simply amazing, but unfortunately require a small collateral loan to buy one let alone a box.

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