Against my better judgement I’ll be hitting the links tomorrow with a Cohiba Robusto.  Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking… What could be so wrong with both of thoseideas on the same day.. Well, I’m in the middle of a big job that has to be finished very soon and I’ll be golfing instead of working.. Plus… I’ll be taking out a very special cigar to smoke when it’ll only be 5 degrees Centigrade at the warmest part of the day!

Well, I believe that you have to be a rebel from time to time and I’ll be with some very special friends that all smoke very nice cigars in any weather.  Yup, I guess I have some very crazy friends!!!  That’s not the point.. We will be in for some harsh winter conditions by Vancouver standards for, what the weatherman says, a considerable length of time this winter.  No matter, you have to make hay when the sun shines and we WILL be seeing sunshine tomorrow.. And it COULD be one of the last do-able days of the year for golf… So So who’s the crazy person after all??!!!!

I’ve found a box of Cohiba Robustos that have a few years on them and these taste particularly fine.  The Robusto from Cohiba can present varied flavors depending on the age and the batch.. Sure, they are very consistent but I’ve had some that are very sweet and then at other times I’ve smoked very grassy and spicy Robustos from Cohiba.  My personal favorite are the Robustos that lean toward to sweeter notes and in the past few years these tend to be a bit younger….  Goes to show you that aging cigars does eliminate the ammonia that occurs as the cigar is young but will also eliminate some of the sweeter flavors that have been showing up in Cuban cigars in the last 10 years or so….

Oh yes, there is one more thing I forgot to mention…. The golf course is closed to the public and I believe that we will be the only foursome allowed out tomorrow….  Now THAT is special treatment !!! Warm clothing and prayers for low to no wind will be in my horizon.. Should be fun!

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Schadenfreude is the German word for the pleasure derived from others’ misfortunes.. Its a good word that applies to how I felt today as I sat on my front steps, with a Cohiba Siglo I in hand, and watched drivers on our street slip, slide and go careening into the traffic circle at the end of our block.. I’m only a few houses from the end of our street, so I had a bird’s eye view.

The cigar tasted great and the entertainment on the street was greater…. But…. The little cigar DID taste great, paired with a strong Italian coffee.

Vancouver’s drivers come from all over the world.  I love the diversity of cultures in our city and truly believe that we are rich with many fabulous restaurants, sights and sounds as we visit shops and neighborhoods that have been improved with the immigration of people from countries around the world. For someone like myself, who enjoys the antics I see on our streets after the first snow fall, the change of seasons is not unlike Christmas coming early.

We who grew up on the prairies and who learned how to drive in severe winter conditions, quite often choose to keep our vehicles in our garages and only go out at night when there is less traffic.  It is much safer and more often than not, our vehicles look the same upon our return as they did when we initially left home.

As Martha Stewart would say, ” Its a good thing.”

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It takes a very brave, tough and a little bit extravagant individual to prop themselves up on a lawn chair in the back yard these days as the flurries blow by and the beer in the glass slightly ices over.. I’ve never been one to enjoy quality Cuban cigars in the cold but I really feel that I can’t let a day go by without lighting one up and taking my chances on how the elements will treat me.  This is why I wish to direct my attention towards the Cohiba Pantelas.  Not a lot of money, not a lot of time required to finish but more flavor than you’d expect from a cigar with a 26 ring gauge.. In fact…. Way more flavor than you’d expect!

I’ve smoked other Cuban brands in this size and some are better than others but the Cohiba reigns supreme when it comes to taste.  When you are cold, speed is of the essence and my feelings are that I want the best flavor for the money.  Gone are the days when I will light up a Cohiba Siglo VI in a blizzard…. In fact, I seem to remember that I’ve done that once before and ended up in a terrible mood that ended up in violence towards an inanimate object.. Life is too short for experiences like that.

Another thing is that these little Cohibas make great stocking stuffers… Affordable and tasty….. Try it, you’ll make a great impression.

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I’m always poking around the internet and looking for good cigar deals on some of the sites that the public use to sell items and for some reason Vancouver is seeing a lot of ads from people who have just returned from Cuba with cigars to sell.  The last few days have seen more activity than usual and it gives me an opportunity to make a deal or two.

I’m not going to buy the first Esplendidos that come around.. ( I’ve done that a few years back )…. NOTHING is more annoying than getting a box of cigars for a great price, taking them home and after a few terrible sticks, you realize that you’ve been duped.  Well, let the buyer beware, I always say.. I’ve spent good money on counterfeit cigars and I won’t be doing that again.

After looking around the internet this morning I was, once again, amazed at the amount of information available to people who want to learn about Cuban cigars… It is actually mind boggling!  I believe that there are many many informed compassionate cigar smokers that  are more than willing, for no reason other than to help out, to share their experiences and knowledge with anyone who cares to read their pages.

The Habanos site is one of the greatest aides in checking to see if cigars for sale are actually authentic.  Go to their site and on the top of their home page there is an authenticity check that helps you identify cigars by the bar codes that are now on the green seals folded around the left hand side of the box.. No bar code= FAKES..  Of course there are always aged cigars without the bar code but its getting harder to find aged cigars in Cuba and the ones that people are buying are usually going home with them and smoked with extreme enjoyment.

I have nothing against the people who actually don’t know anything about Cuban cigars, my beef is with the people who sell the counterfeits in the first place.  Cohiba Esplendidos, Robustos, Montecristo No. 2 and 4 seem to be the cigars that get copied and sold the most because of the quality of the real thing so these are usually the first to be offered on the local buy and sell pages.

I guess it will only be a matter of time until we start to see the Behike copied and sold but that band is going to be either stolen from the factories ( good luck trying to copy that one ) and the boxes are going to be expensive to mass produce with any believable results.   Anyone who has had the good fortune to smoke a Behike or two has probably noticed the immense quality of construction and I’ve NEVER seen very many Cuban cigars that can come close, let alone a counterfeit.

Do a bit of research before blindly diving into the market of cigars from private sellers and you may just be able to pick up a good cigar at a good price.

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Hey Tommy, thanks for leaving a comment on the Cohiba 1966 entry, I like your site and I think it provides great reading…..

There is no doubt that the cost of these humidors will be through the roof, not unlike a special vintage limited release wine from some of the finest regions in France.  One thing for sure is that when almost ANY cigar from Cuba has aged the right amount of time you can almost say that it’s time has come and the flavors can be extraordinary.  We are very lucky to live in Canada and to be able to buy Cubans whenever we want.  Our SIN tax is through the roof and Cuban cigars cost more than almost any others on the market today but once you get a taste for them there’s no going back.

When The Cohiba Behike became available many Canadian smokers had a bit of difficulty getting their hands on them because there were only so many boxes available to smoke shops around the country.  People were on a waiting list and it became a first come first serve situation that left a lot of smokers wondering what happened and why did it happen so quickly.  A lot of hard core cigar smokers in Canada have DEEEEP pockets and had no problem snatching the first VERY few boxes of these wonderful creations with the medio Tiempo leaf and the rest of us wandered the streets in search of the odd cigar here and there that were still available.

I was very lucky to get my hands on one of each of these Behikes and so far I’ve smoked the 52 and the 54.  I’ll let the 56 sit in my humidor until Christmas, I hope that it will probably be as fantastic as the other two.  Getting back to the 1966, I’m not sure I’ll ever get my hands on one but if I elevate myself to a different class of schmoozing cigar smoker, I just may find myself in someone’s private smoking rec room and with enough good fortune I may be able to sample one of them..

Thanks for leaving the comment!

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