Hey Tommy, thanks for leaving a comment on the Cohiba 1966 entry, I like your site and I think it provides great reading…..

There is no doubt that the cost of these humidors will be through the roof, not unlike a special vintage limited release wine from some of the finest regions in France.  One thing for sure is that when almost ANY cigar from Cuba has aged the right amount of time you can almost say that it’s time has come and the flavors can be extraordinary.  We are very lucky to live in Canada and to be able to buy Cubans whenever we want.  Our SIN tax is through the roof and Cuban cigars cost more than almost any others on the market today but once you get a taste for them there’s no going back.

When The Cohiba Behike became available many Canadian smokers had a bit of difficulty getting their hands on them because there were only so many boxes available to smoke shops around the country.  People were on a waiting list and it became a first come first serve situation that left a lot of smokers wondering what happened and why did it happen so quickly.  A lot of hard core cigar smokers in Canada have DEEEEP pockets and had no problem snatching the first VERY few boxes of these wonderful creations with the medio Tiempo leaf and the rest of us wandered the streets in search of the odd cigar here and there that were still available.

I was very lucky to get my hands on one of each of these Behikes and so far I’ve smoked the 52 and the 54.  I’ll let the 56 sit in my humidor until Christmas, I hope that it will probably be as fantastic as the other two.  Getting back to the 1966, I’m not sure I’ll ever get my hands on one but if I elevate myself to a different class of schmoozing cigar smoker, I just may find myself in someone’s private smoking rec room and with enough good fortune I may be able to sample one of them..

Thanks for leaving the comment!

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Tommyzman on 7 November, 2010 at 4:04 am #

You’re welcome, bro. I really like the blog and it looks great too!

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