It takes a very brave, tough and a little bit extravagant individual to prop themselves up on a lawn chair in the back yard these days as the flurries blow by and the beer in the glass slightly ices over.. I’ve never been one to enjoy quality Cuban cigars in the cold but I really feel that I can’t let a day go by without lighting one up and taking my chances on how the elements will treat me.  This is why I wish to direct my attention towards the Cohiba Pantelas.  Not a lot of money, not a lot of time required to finish but more flavor than you’d expect from a cigar with a 26 ring gauge.. In fact…. Way more flavor than you’d expect!

I’ve smoked other Cuban brands in this size and some are better than others but the Cohiba reigns supreme when it comes to taste.  When you are cold, speed is of the essence and my feelings are that I want the best flavor for the money.  Gone are the days when I will light up a Cohiba Siglo VI in a blizzard…. In fact, I seem to remember that I’ve done that once before and ended up in a terrible mood that ended up in violence towards an inanimate object.. Life is too short for experiences like that.

Another thing is that these little Cohibas make great stocking stuffers… Affordable and tasty….. Try it, you’ll make a great impression.

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AM on 30 November, 2010 at 9:26 am #

went to a Vancouver cigar shop today and tried to get a few panetalas, they didnt carry any, but they told me to try the exquisito, a bit larger. Looking forward to trying em but would rather do it when it is dry outside and i can have a drink and cigar under the stars.

i was wondering, do you enjoy the idea and culture of cigars more then the actual smoke? im a young bloke and havent smoked too many cigars but i find that i enjoy walking around cigar shops and the smell and history of cigars more then the actual smoking bit, though a cohiba does taste nice, i enjoy the culture surrounding the cigar and craft of it more.

Also, the whole health effects are a bit frightening.

No store is more manlier than a cigar shop that also sells other man stuff.

I find the shops fascinating with the humidors stocked with fine hand rolled product and the smells and ambiance, that in itself makes me want to smoke cigars the most.

Admin on 30 November, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

First and foremost I love the taste of cigars. Period. If I had a choice between smoking a cigar or being immersed in the world of cigars and Cuban culture, including free trips to Cuba, I’d still take the cigar smoking experience.

My weakness is wanting to know about ALL of the cigars that come from Cuba.. I want to know how they ALL taste and spend a fair bit of money on this campaign annually.

Of course I am concerned about the health effects but the one thing I know about cigars is that cigarettes are fare MORE dangerous and are packed full of some very strange chemicals while cigars from Cuba are produced with NO additional chemicals..

Is it a Manly experience? Yes ! Do I love the fact that there are many female smokers who know a lot about Cuban cigars? Very much!

Thanks for the comment.

AM on 30 November, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the taste as well, but not as much as I enjoy the taste of foie gras. I think it’s a combination of the experience and ritual of smoking a good cigar that makes it an attractive past time for many.

I don’t think I could become a weekly smoker but an handful a year perhaps.\

and women do enjoy cigars but it is predominently men who smoke them.

well written blog by the way.

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