Schadenfreude is the German word for the pleasure derived from others’ misfortunes.. Its a good word that applies to how I felt today as I sat on my front steps, with a Cohiba Siglo I in hand, and watched drivers on our street slip, slide and go careening into the traffic circle at the end of our block.. I’m only a few houses from the end of our street, so I had a bird’s eye view.

The cigar tasted great and the entertainment on the street was greater…. But…. The little cigar DID taste great, paired with a strong Italian coffee.

Vancouver’s drivers come from all over the world.  I love the diversity of cultures in our city and truly believe that we are rich with many fabulous restaurants, sights and sounds as we visit shops and neighborhoods that have been improved with the immigration of people from countries around the world. For someone like myself, who enjoys the antics I see on our streets after the first snow fall, the change of seasons is not unlike Christmas coming early.

We who grew up on the prairies and who learned how to drive in severe winter conditions, quite often choose to keep our vehicles in our garages and only go out at night when there is less traffic.  It is much safer and more often than not, our vehicles look the same upon our return as they did when we initially left home.

As Martha Stewart would say, ” Its a good thing.”

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