Against my better judgement I’ll be hitting the links tomorrow with a Cohiba Robusto.  Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking… What could be so wrong with both of thoseideas on the same day.. Well, I’m in the middle of a big job that has to be finished very soon and I’ll be golfing instead of working.. Plus… I’ll be taking out a very special cigar to smoke when it’ll only be 5 degrees Centigrade at the warmest part of the day!

Well, I believe that you have to be a rebel from time to time and I’ll be with some very special friends that all smoke very nice cigars in any weather.  Yup, I guess I have some very crazy friends!!!  That’s not the point.. We will be in for some harsh winter conditions by Vancouver standards for, what the weatherman says, a considerable length of time this winter.  No matter, you have to make hay when the sun shines and we WILL be seeing sunshine tomorrow.. And it COULD be one of the last do-able days of the year for golf… So So who’s the crazy person after all??!!!!

I’ve found a box of Cohiba Robustos that have a few years on them and these taste particularly fine.  The Robusto from Cohiba can present varied flavors depending on the age and the batch.. Sure, they are very consistent but I’ve had some that are very sweet and then at other times I’ve smoked very grassy and spicy Robustos from Cohiba.  My personal favorite are the Robustos that lean toward to sweeter notes and in the past few years these tend to be a bit younger….  Goes to show you that aging cigars does eliminate the ammonia that occurs as the cigar is young but will also eliminate some of the sweeter flavors that have been showing up in Cuban cigars in the last 10 years or so….

Oh yes, there is one more thing I forgot to mention…. The golf course is closed to the public and I believe that we will be the only foursome allowed out tomorrow….  Now THAT is special treatment !!! Warm clothing and prayers for low to no wind will be in my horizon.. Should be fun!

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