Posted on 20-12-2010
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Last night in an upscale neighborhood located in a Vancouver suburb, I attended a party that defined what the Christmas spirit is all about.  The host and hostess put on an event that had a french chef serving exquisite food which included caviar, local Salmon prepared in various ways, prawns flambeed in what tasted like Sambuca and the most tender roast beef the guests have ever tasted.  If I were to begin to write what was on the desert table this entry would never end.

The crowd at this mansion were largely from the entertainment industry so needless to say the music was exciting and as the evening progressed, so did the volume until you could swear that the walls were shaking from the dancing and full on partying.  Being included in the guest list was a gift I will never forget.

This great house was awe inspiring to say the least with rooms impeccably decorated with fantastic art and hand woven rugs to die for but I have to cut to the chase and begin to tell you about the ” Bat Cave”..  Our host, who is the picture of generosity, opened the door to his special room downstairs that had walls lined with rare and expensive bottles of wines and Tequilas that had all of the guests’ mouths watering but what got my attention was his humidor.  Yup, thats the magic word!  I saw a collection of cigars that included hard to find Non-Cuban gems and boxes of Cubans that got my heart pounding in my chest. He turned on the exhaust fans in the bat cave and a few of us relaxed in comfortable chairs as a strip of cedar was lit and cigars were handed to those who wished to participate.

A dark lacquered box that caught my eye contained some of my favorite Cubans, the Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios and I selected one with with a beautiful wrapper and intoxicating aroma.  It had been a while since I had smoked this cigar and I was reminded, once again, that this is NOT your traditional tasting Cohiba.  Rich rich dark chocolates kept coming to the forefront as it burned from third to third and pairing it with a Californian Zinfandel was the right choice as I soaked up the atmosphere and sank deeper into bliss.

On my 2011 wish list is another invitation to this exclusive annual event for a few reasons.  There were so many people that I met for the first time that I’d love to get to know better and seeing them in such a beautiful setting made the whole experience very unforgettable, but the down to earth nature of the couple who opened their door to their friends was the most heart warming memory I’ll have this Christmas.

Sure was a good cigar though!

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