Many posts ago I mentioned that I had an uncle that lived in Victoria on Vancouver Island and that he is an old cigar smoker that has a very nicely stocked humidor.  We spent some time visiting him over the holidays and, as usual, we spent time smoking a few together with very nice Scotch and some very old port.  Talk about perfect pairings in both cases.

I thought I’d steer away from the very old Cohiba Lanceros since the last time I was there I was allowed to take one.  You can only go so far, if you know what I mean.  One Cohiba box that caught my eye on this visit was a box of Robustos with a date stamped on the bottom that read early 2000.  My heart really starts to beat whenever I know that I can smoke a Cohiba with at least 10 years on it.  Wow!!

I’ve tasted Cohiba Robustos that have been young, fresh and full of nicotine and I have to say that I don’t mind them at all.  They can be sweet, grassy and pack a pretty good punch but this 2000 stick had a few extras that I don’t get to taste very often.  This cigar was quite woody and had no shortage of that beautiful Cohiba herbal profile but the dark chocolates in the flavor profile were what really thrilled me.  Port and a cigar like that really DO go together well and one enhanced the beauty of the other in such a big way.

I don’t see my uncle often enough !!!!

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