The Coronas Especiales from Cohiba is slightly small cigar with a 38 ring gauge and a length of 6 inches that sells in Canada these days at around $33.50.  This is a cigar that won’t take up too much of your time, almost an hour of smoking, but if aged can be as exciting as any cigar in the brand with notes of cedar, dark chocolate and strong coffee.

I just let one die a graceful death in the ashtray and I have to admit, as I was smoking this lovely cigar I kept comparing it to other Cohibas that I’ve smoked in the last year.  The Esplendidos has got to be, hands down, one of my favorite cigars of all time but this little aged, maybe 10 years or so, just as complex as the longer and larger ring gauge brother.

The smoothness was the first thing that caught my attention as this cigar burned into the first third and although a very small amount of grassiness appeared, I kept looking at the cigar’s band and wrapper to see if I indeed had an authentic Cohiba.  This cigar was a gift..  Sure enough, the band looked fine as did the wrapper and then the cigar started to build in intensity as it burned into the second third.

Cedar was starting to build into the equation but a very distinct 3 flavors ( chocolate, cedar coffee )kept coming up as the cigar burned down to the nub.  The finish was the only thing to alter and that it was a very clear taste of strong coffee but the coffee became stronger with each puff..

The taste stayed with me for a good hour after setting this cigar down and I’m yet reminded of how a cigar improves with years of aging.

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