Although we were promised a long winter of foul cold weather, extreme differences of winters we’ve ever had before, the Pacific Northwest has been a place to golf…. All…. Winter !! I ask myself as I watch the weather reports about storms and record snowfalls in other parts of our continent I have to tell myself how lucky we are for being able to get out on a great golf course, play on lush green grass, putt on excellent greens, smoke cigars when its not too windy in December, January and February !!

A place that I spend a lot of time at is Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby, British Columbia. This course has, through the years, spent a lot of time developing their 18 holes into a scenic links course and has ended up being the busiest place to golf in the Vancouver area. Their drainage on all of the fairways is such that they can have a good rain in the early morning and allow their golfers you to drive a power-cart on their fairways that same morning….. 12 months of the year.. Sure we go out for the exercise but let me drive right up to the ball, put my cigar down, select a club and if I’m lucky I tell myself that choosing the right club is the only issue worth thinking about at that moment in time. Thats living life to the fullest, those are the days you’ll be remembering when you’re too old to get out to golf…

Now to the cigars…

In the early part of the winter, in December for example, I brought out some very nice Cohibas, Montes or maybe a Partagas, but after a few colder days and me thinking that I might want to save the better cigars for warmer locations, I started taking out Cuban Bundle cigars or maybe a Non-Cuban just in case the wind came up… Nothing can ruin a good day like watching your cigars burn quickly and un-evenly in a cold wind.. Save the Esplendidos for the rec room and a game of billiards with a good buddy.  A quality Cuban bundle cigar, even when young and excitable, can be a wonderful companion on the links.

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