Posted on 22-03-2011

There have been a few things I haven’t done this winter….. I haven’t smoked a Behike…. Last summer I tried them, loved them and decided that at least a year’s rest in my humidor would be the fate of my remaining Behikes..  I fell in love with the 52 after trying it last summer and in the fall the 54 was a great cigar…. But….. I know they can get better and I’m willing to invest the time…..

I haven’t been anywhere tropical and usually that doesn’t bother me all that much but last month I started losing my mind when I knew the Habanos festival was taking place in Havana… Without me being there…..  A lot of people will read about the day to day exploits of those attending that wonderful festival and many salivate all over their computer keypads as they read about all of the cigars being smoked in Cuba…. That doesn’t really bother me since I have 4 humidors that all have a nice selection of Cubans that are presently further fermenting….. Whenever I want one, I smoke one..  What bothered me was that I wanted to take part in many of the seminars available to festival goers….. Next year will be different !

What bothers me the most is that, although I’ve golfed all winter……. I haven’t been warm ONCE on the course !!  That is starting to really get on my nerves!  I can’t WAIT for a warm day when I can swing a club in a T-shirt… C’mon already!!!!!  I realize that the rest of my Canadian brothers and sisters are still shoveling snow from their driveways when I’m complaining about needing to wear too many articles of clothing on the course but I DON’T have a lot of body fat and this is getting old!!  Our winter is going on and on and although yesterday was the first day of spring, its seems like an eternity until we’ll be getting days that reach 15 degrees…

Oh well, thats my list of complaints for the day!!!!!  Tomorrow is another day!

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