Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about lately about the Cohiba Behike.

1….. They are expensive

2….. They come in 3 sizes

3….. They are beautifully rolled

4…..  They will be very difficult to counterfeit

5…..  They have a very unique taste

6…..  As to how they will age over time is still unknown

7…..  They have a very elaborate band

8…..  The hype surrounding their release was enormous

9…..  Their filler contains the rare Medio Tiempo leaf

10…..  Their taste was unbelievably smooth and rich

11…..  Cigar Aficionado liked them

12….. I definitely agreed with Cigar Aficionado’s choice of best tasting size

13…..  Many cigar smokers will never smoke one

14….. The original Behikes were rolled by a single roller at El Laguito, Norma Fernandez

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Good Friday was the day to get out on to the links with a Cohiba Robusto I had been saving through the winter.  An 8 month old robusto from Cohiba will never taste better than when with a great foursome, a day with little to no wind on a golf course that was groomed to perfection and playing host to golfers from all over the lower mainland.

The Falls is a course that we’ve been visiting for years and when a few of us had a day off we saw no reason to golf anywhere else, so a quick drive from Vancouver got us to our destination, just past Chilliwack on Canada’s number 1 highway.  If you haven’t seen this course and you live in the lower mainland, I would seriously recommend you make the trip out to this beautiful course carved into the side of a mountain with the most beautiful scenery you’ll see on a golf course ANYWHERE..

If you’re expecting to shoot in the low 70′s your first time out you may want to lower your expectations a bit because of the surprises that await you.  Anyone would have a great time golfing here, regardless of your handicap due to the fact that all of the fairways are wide enough to hit from the t-boxes.  What makes this course impressive are the views that golfers photograph before they reach for their drivers from hole to hole.. The golf carts are equipped with GPS screens that let you know the number of yards you need to think about before each shot and helpful tips at the push of a button are always free of charge.

I lit the Cohiba on hole number 4 instead of waiting, like I usually do, for the back nine to light up.  This gorgeous par 3 actually yielded a birdie for me, my only bird of the day… My t-shot was short and to the right but a 58 degree wedge from the first cut was all I needed to use to drop it into the hole.. I walked back to my power cart and tasted the beginning of what was going to be a beautiful first third of the robusto.  Wind is usually the worst enemy of a great cigar but yesterday’s Good Friday weather at The Falls allowed me to see an even burn for the duration of the cigar.

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This morning after breakfast I decided to go through one of the humidors that I rarely visit and to my surprise, I found an old Cohiba Secretos under a few Cohiba Robustos that I had been saving.  I’m not sure where this little guy came from but something in my distant memory tells me that this cigar was purchased in 2007 when this series first came out.  This is not a large cigar at 4 3/8 inches long with a 40 ring gauge so I decided that a trip to the back deck with a cup of coffee and the newspaper would be a great idea.

My neighbor was doing some lawn work and grumbling about his lawn mower, all the rain this spring, some neighborhood kids spray painting his front fence, the crow’s nest in the chestnut tree beside his house, his income tax problems, a flat tire his wife got yesterday afternoon and his concerns about the Stanley Cup playoffs while I clipped off the cap of the little maduro and felt nothing but contentment as I reached for my torch.

When this Maduro series came out, Cohiba introduced a five year old aged wrapper and now this being 2011, I was holding on to a little blast of rich chocolate with a 9 year old wrapper..  A blast of rich dark chocolate was the first thing I noticed after a few puffs but 10 minutes later this reyes mellowed considerably and a richer creamier chocolate appeared.. I wish I had the patience to hold on to cigars for this length of time all the time but I’m just not that kind of person.  Whenever I buy a box of new Cubans, I’m always seeing a great number of cigars to give to friends and smoke one after another until I’m seeing 9 or so left and then the feeling of panic sets in and I go into a hoarding mode..

I’m not sure how I was able to hold on to this cigar for this long but starting tomorrow, or maybe the day after I’m going to turn over a new leaf and buy MORE cigars…. Smoke LESS cigars and build up my reserve………… Yeah sure, and the Edmonton Oilers will win the Cup this year too!!!!

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Posted on 10-04-2011
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After Tiger finished the front nine today at Augusta I was clipping off the cap of a Cohiba Genios and was getting ready for a long awaited victory for the red shirted wonder.  Yeah, maybe I jumped the gun but I really didn’t care that I was celebrating a bit early, I wanted to smoke the cigar anyway and it was wonderful to see his name on the leader board so high up…

The win went to the golfer representing South Africa, Charl Schwartzel, who’s last year’s result was a tie for 30th.. Talk about a big day for a young man who just won his first major..  His shots on the front nine propelled him up the leader board when he started getting birdies and a fabulous eagle on a par four.

Now back to Tiger……..  Although I watched him slowly get edged out by the others I was so impressed with his ability to be a contender on this course and I wondered if this is the beginning of a strong comeback from this champ..  I know that I’m not alone when I say that I really want him to return to his former game and, with all that he has learned in this last year or so, become even more of a driven competitor… Time will tell..

So the Genios burned evenly and tasted wonderful as I watched these new young guns come up the field and I wondered if we are now seeing a whole new batch of fierce players completely take over…. Not if Tiger has anything to say about it, I’m sure…..

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