Posted on 10-04-2011
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After Tiger finished the front nine today at Augusta I was clipping off the cap of a Cohiba Genios and was getting ready for a long awaited victory for the red shirted wonder.  Yeah, maybe I jumped the gun but I really didn’t care that I was celebrating a bit early, I wanted to smoke the cigar anyway and it was wonderful to see his name on the leader board so high up…

The win went to the golfer representing South Africa, Charl Schwartzel, who’s last year’s result was a tie for 30th.. Talk about a big day for a young man who just won his first major..  His shots on the front nine propelled him up the leader board when he started getting birdies and a fabulous eagle on a par four.

Now back to Tiger……..  Although I watched him slowly get edged out by the others I was so impressed with his ability to be a contender on this course and I wondered if this is the beginning of a strong comeback from this champ..  I know that I’m not alone when I say that I really want him to return to his former game and, with all that he has learned in this last year or so, become even more of a driven competitor… Time will tell..

So the Genios burned evenly and tasted wonderful as I watched these new young guns come up the field and I wondered if we are now seeing a whole new batch of fierce players completely take over…. Not if Tiger has anything to say about it, I’m sure…..

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