Good Friday was the day to get out on to the links with a Cohiba Robusto I had been saving through the winter.  An 8 month old robusto from Cohiba will never taste better than when with a great foursome, a day with little to no wind on a golf course that was groomed to perfection and playing host to golfers from all over the lower mainland.

The Falls is a course that we’ve been visiting for years and when a few of us had a day off we saw no reason to golf anywhere else, so a quick drive from Vancouver got us to our destination, just past Chilliwack on Canada’s number 1 highway.  If you haven’t seen this course and you live in the lower mainland, I would seriously recommend you make the trip out to this beautiful course carved into the side of a mountain with the most beautiful scenery you’ll see on a golf course ANYWHERE..

If you’re expecting to shoot in the low 70′s your first time out you may want to lower your expectations a bit because of the surprises that await you.  Anyone would have a great time golfing here, regardless of your handicap due to the fact that all of the fairways are wide enough to hit from the t-boxes.  What makes this course impressive are the views that golfers photograph before they reach for their drivers from hole to hole.. The golf carts are equipped with GPS screens that let you know the number of yards you need to think about before each shot and helpful tips at the push of a button are always free of charge.

I lit the Cohiba on hole number 4 instead of waiting, like I usually do, for the back nine to light up.  This gorgeous par 3 actually yielded a birdie for me, my only bird of the day… My t-shot was short and to the right but a 58 degree wedge from the first cut was all I needed to use to drop it into the hole.. I walked back to my power cart and tasted the beginning of what was going to be a beautiful first third of the robusto.  Wind is usually the worst enemy of a great cigar but yesterday’s Good Friday weather at The Falls allowed me to see an even burn for the duration of the cigar.

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