Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about lately about the Cohiba Behike.

1….. They are expensive

2….. They come in 3 sizes

3….. They are beautifully rolled

4…..  They will be very difficult to counterfeit

5…..  They have a very unique taste

6…..  As to how they will age over time is still unknown

7…..  They have a very elaborate band

8…..  The hype surrounding their release was enormous

9…..  Their filler contains the rare Medio Tiempo leaf

10…..  Their taste was unbelievably smooth and rich

11…..  Cigar Aficionado liked them

12….. I definitely agreed with Cigar Aficionado’s choice of best tasting size

13…..  Many cigar smokers will never smoke one

14….. The original Behikes were rolled by a single roller at El Laguito, Norma Fernandez

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